• Sudeep Tumma

Scouting Report: Jeremy Sochan's Versatility Is His No. 1 Selling Point

He will slide right into the big leagues.

All the months leading up to the season, Jeremy Sochan was profusely known as “the other freshman.”

While all the hype was surrounding 5-star Kendall Brown, Sochan wasn’t in quite the same light. But his impact would not be denied.

Despite only starting only one of 30 games this season, Sochan’s do-it-all skillset and versatility on both ends provided a major boost for the Bears. It’s no coincidence the Bears went 2-2 in spite of being the No. 1 team in the nation.

Sochan profiles as a combo forward — one who has the flexibility to do anything from playing point guard to covering centers down low.

He’s not an elite athlete, but he’s a smooth one who has deceptive speed and fluid movements.

On offense, Sochan isn’t overly quick or explosive, but he’s a high IQ player who understands how to use his strength and size to produce fruitful results.

The 6-9, 230-pound Sochan retains legitimate point forward skills. He’s an adept pick-and-roll ball-handler with the patience to navigate through the defense and make wise decisions as a scorer/passer. He changes speeds well when the ball is in his hands.

When Sochan gets going downhill with a head of steam — especially attacking closeouts — he’s potent. Sochan has the power and body control to finish through contact, and his length aids him as a finisher with the ability to finish with either hand.

But Sochan also thrives as the screener in pick-and-roll/pop situations. He has an excellent feel with off-ball movements so he darts to the basket fruitfully on rolls. And on pops, he finds open spots to shoot 3-pointers or can turn into a secondary playmaker who can attack the rim and score/pass.

However, the shooting gets a bit dicey. Sochan shot only 29.6% from deep on 2.7 attempts. The shooting stroke is natural, though it’s a bit slow of a release, he certainly presents enough of a presence as a floor spacer.

The shooting is certainly a weakness and needs to be improved, especially considering his athleticism woes.

Teams currently play off him and dare him to shoot. As he lacks top-tier athleticism, Sochan will need to tighten his shooting and handles to compensate.

Still, Sochan possesses an arduous spinning, off-balance mid-range jumper. He displays remarkable footwork with the ability to hit tough shots.

As Sochan continues to improve his jumper, he’ll flourish on dribble-drive looks and off-ball movement.

Sochan tallied 9.2 points per game along with a commendable 1.8 assists this season.

While the number doesn’t jump off the page, Sochan exhibits a canny ability to make strong, fundamental passes. While he isn’t a next-level passer, he does a good job collapsing defenses and finding open teammates.

Adding to the do-it-all game, Sochan is an excellent rebounder as well, on both sides. He repeatedly crashes the rim with a high level of effort.

Sochan almost gravitates to the rim, fighting and clawing his way in for position. He crashes the offensive glass hard with a 2.0 average in just 25.1 minutes and 6.4 total rebounds.

Even against the bigger 5s, he remained competent. Which speaks to not just his strength, but also his motor.

A motor that spills into his defense.

Sochan’s versatility allows him to defend multiple positions. He switched everything in Baylor’s defensive scheme and remained glued to his matchup in off-ball situations.

In one-on-one situations, Sochan battled hard to slide on the perimeter and fight in the post, even when he was against significantly bigger players. His 7-0 wingspan is a big asset.

He doesn’t possess the strength to defend elite big men at the next level, but Sochan is capable of brawling down on the low post.

Sochan prospers as a help defender. He understands when to help/stay and jumps passing lanes well to stack up steals.

Overall, Sochan’s adaptable skillset is a major asset to NBA teams. His overall NBA arc will be heavily contingent on his ability to spread the floor, given his athleticism concerns.

Still, the high-energy Sochan emerged as a lottery pick late in the season. One who could pay major dividends.

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